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Innovation in Digital Completion  

 Flowpro Control AS location at veritasparken Høvik.  

At Flowpro Control, our team works to create the most innovative technology in digital completion tools. Our products consist of electronics, software, mechanical, and petroleum engineering. We offer a high-tech work environment where employees work together across their fields of expertise in order to innovate and solve technical problems.   

Product Developement 

At Flowpro Control we work quickly and efficiently to develop technical solutions. With a full workshop and laboratory at our Høvik location, we can prototype, test, and verify design changes normally within 24hrs. Our ability to be agile in the product development process is a great advantage in our time to market.  

3d print proto_edited.jpg

Rapid Prototyping

 Flowpro Control's product development happens on location. We have several industrial 3D printers, running continuously.  Whether we are verifying CAD assemblies, creating a part for demonstration, or making a test rig for our programmers, we use rapid prototyping almost daily. This allows us to cut machining and fabrication costs, as well as speed up our product development process. 

Innovation in Work

 During the pandemic, we overcame travel restrictions by creating stations that allowed physical work to be done remotely. In the picture to the right, employees were contributing from a different country, using a camera, remote VPN, and a 3D printed rig used for testing software.  

dev pic_edited.jpg
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