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Digital Completion Technology

E-ICD technology

Increased production through digital control. 

FlowPro Control produces digital, wirelessly adjustable inflow control technology which increases oil production and reduces carbon output. Our E-ICD (Electronic Inflow Control Device) allows rapid inflow customization directly before installation. This gives operators the ability to design and adjust a fully customized inflow profile along the well, preventing gas and water breakthroughs by taking all the most current geological and petrophysical data into account. 



Software and hardware  synergy

Increased inflow control through software and digital integration.

The E-ICD manager software works as the brain of the E-ICD implementation process. The digital aspect of the E-ICD and the accompanying E-ICD manager software allows for wireless control and more efficient use of reservoir data.  

The E-ICD Manager technology:

  • Uses geological and petrophysical data to simulate and determine zone-specific inflow settings along the well.

  • Allows wireless communication between operator and E-ICD units.

  • Keeps accessible digital records of well logs, track factory acceptance, QC data, and component data.  

  • Tracks temp and shock sensors onboard E-ICD devices during transportation from land to the platform.

  • Allows simpler data gathering and record keeping from the product life cycle.


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